Free Garage Graphics

We’re proud that our packaging is all recycled and recyclable – but even better, you can re-purpose your Vrooms box as a garage/workshop with the graphics pack below.



  • Download the PDF files below to your computer.
  • First prepare your box. Open the lid, and then ease out the back side of the box attached to the lid. You’ll need to gently pull the two tabs out of the box sides to do this. You should now have a box with a floor, 3 sides, and a long front piece. Check against the pictures above.
  • It’s worth putting a tab of tape round the ends where you removed the side tabs. This prevents them from opening up.
  • Print each of the pages on A4 paper being careful to use “same size” or “100%” options – if you scale the pages, they won’t fit the box!
  • Cut out each of the labelled pieces (but don’t cut out the labels). If you’re doing this as a project with children, do this with age-appropriate tools and supervision.
  • Fix the pieces to the box in the appropriate place, using the pictures above as a guide. Gluing is best – common PVA glue or glue sticks are usually marked as CE child safe. 
  • Allow to dry.
  • Play!


Download Files

yPal Vroom Box Graphics page 1 of 5
PlayPal Vroom Box Graphics page 2 of 5
PlayPal Vroom Box Graphics page 3 of 5
PlayPal Vroom Box Graphics page 4 of 5
PlayPal Vroom Box Graphics page 5 of 5


The Legal Bit

We have to make it clear that we’re providing these graphics and instructions free of charge and for you to use as you see fit. They’re not part of the toy we supply, and we’re not responsible if you somehow manage to make something dangerous out of this.