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’32 Ford Hot Rod – new!

Sneak preview of a new addition to the PlayPal Vroom series – a ’32 Ford.

Styled after probably the most iconic hot rod ever, this is John Milner’s car in American Graffiti (in fact we may only make it available in yellow 😉 ), and the Beach Boys Little Deuce Coupe.

For safety reasons the engine is under the hood, and this is based on the 3-window version. We managed to keep the chopped roof and visor along with a great stance on its big wheels. 

Should be available within the next week or so, the first set of bodies are all cut and sanded.

plan of new '32 ford wooden toy wooden toy 32 ford side view
row of wooden car bodies for 32 ford deuce coupe closeup of toy wooden 32 ford cars
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