Keepsake Box A: Maple and Black Walnut

Handmade in Scotland from Maple and Black Walnut, a lovely little keepsake box for secrets and treasures. Free UK Delivery!

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This is one of the smaller boxes I have made, combining 3 bands of beautiful maple and black walnut hardwoods. Both are fairly dense hardwoods, making this box reassuringly heavy to hold, with nice crisp edges.
The maple is nicely grained, mainly vertical with some nice features.
The walnut is especially dark brown, with almost black grain across most of the surface.

Please note – these boxes are not turned on a lathe. They use a technique that I’m sure I didn’t invent, but I don’t know what it’s called! The key aspects are:

  • Organic, non-geometric external shape, influenced by the wood and grain. This particular box is almost round in shape, but pleasantly not-round.
  • Combines 2 or 3 different complementary/contrasting woods
  • Lids are inset into the box, with continuous grain running across the top surface

The result is an extremely tactile box, a thing of beauty for people who appreciate small wooden items, combined with a practical function. Although the exterior shape of the box is non-geometric, the inner receptacle is a cylinder. It can be used to store any precious items, or could be padded out with tissue, silk, moss etc to use as a presentation box for a ring or other special gift.

The lids are not tight fitting, but have a locating disc made from the box woods that help line up the continuous wood grain, and achieve a consistent gap around the lid – if you care about such things!

The box is finished in my own blend of beeswax, carnuba wax, and mineral oil. This penetrates into the wood to provide protection and a warm, non-gloss sheen that doesn’t interfere with the feel of the wood. You can maintain the lustre by occasionally wiping with anything designed for wooden furniture etc; ideally wax/oil based. Test on the base first.

Box A Details

Woods Maple and American Black Walnut
Size 62mm x 58mm  largest/smallest points
Height 68mm excluding handle
Storage 28mm diameter x 45mm deep

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