Wooden Toy Lorry in Classic Red

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red wooden toy lorry and trailer - side

A wooden lorry ready to haul any load you choose on its removable, articulated trailer. This free rolling toy lorry is hand made from softwood with birch wheels. Finished in deep red milk paint, sealed with beeswax.


This little wooden lorry comes complete with detachable, articulated trailer so it is ready to carry any load you choose – including other Vrooms! A complete wooden truck rig featuring rounded contours, big free-rolling wheels, and a highly tactile finish. It’s the perfect modern take on a traditional wooden toy for any youngster; easy to grip and tastefully finished in a mix of deep red paint and natural wood. And as with all our toys, it’s CE certifiedĀ childĀ safe.

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The whole rig is a great size for small hands, measuring 18.2cm long in total, 5.8cm high, 4.5cm wide, with 32mm wheels.


We make every single one of our toy cars by hand – in Scotland, in our workshop in the shade of the eponymous tree house – and take great care in the design and building of each of them. You can find out more about our design and build processes here.


PlayPal Vroom bodies are made from FSC certified pine, finished in traditional Milk Paint, and everything is sealed with a secret mix based on beeswax to give a lovely warm lustre to the painted surfaces and the natural birch wheels.

All our materials are carefully selected based on application, environment-friendliness and sustainability. That means you get great quality, value for money toys that don’t cost the earth. Find out more about the materials we use here.


Your cars will be shipped in a cardboard box, wrapped in protective packing, all made from recycled materials. But it’s not just any box …

follow these instructions to download and print graphics that can turn your box into a busy garage, great for storing your Vrooms as well as the perfect place for servicing and getting parts and accessories!

Usage Notes

Young children should be supervised when using any toy.

This car is tested to be CE certified safe from 0 months upwards.

As a hand made wooden toy, variations in materials and finish is inevitable – initially, and over time. All toys should be periodically checked for damage and repaired or removed as appropriate. Even when damaged, wooden toys can often be kept in service with a little home repair.

The PlayPal Vroom Family

The PlayPal Vroom Lorry is available in 4 classic colours, as are its garage-mates the PlayPal Vroom Bus, Car, and Pickup.

Additional information

Dimensions 18.2 × 4.5 × 5.8 cm


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