Wooden Toy Car in Bright Green

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eco-friendly toy gift

Wooden toy cars make great eco-friendly gifts, especially  When they are this cute! It’s a great size for popping in a bag – or even a pocket – for play dates and as emergency toy supplies for days out. A real hand made toy with tons of style and play value for all kinds of imagination-fueled adventures, and a great sustainably hand made gift for babies and toddlers.


Green in colour and green by design, this natural wooden toy car makes a great eco-friendly gift.
Wooden toys lock up CO2 indefinitely, and are long-lasting alternatives to plastic toys, with minimal environmental impact.

Although this car toy is super-bright, the finish is a mix of natural waxes and oils that create a tough coating while allowing the natural wood grain to show through.

This yes-it’s-handmade toy car is the same shape and size as our original Vroom cars, and is certified CE safe from 0 months so it’s a suitable wooden toy for babies and toddlers upwards.

  • Toy car styled with a classic shape
  • Rounded contours and smooth edges
  • Big free-rolling wheels
  • Easy to grip

Designed to be a great environmentally friendly traditional wooden toy for any youngster; combining the warmth of natural wood with modern materials and safety.

green handmade toy gift eco-friendly handmade toy car gift
eco friendly wooden toy car gift


Sized for small hands, measuring 9.2cm long x 5.4cm high, 4.2cm wide, with 32mm diameter wheels.


We make every single one of our wooden toy cars by hand – in Scotland, in our workshop in the shade of the eponymous tree house – and take great care in the design and building of each of them. You can find out more about our design and build processes here.


If you’re giving a wooden toy car gift you want to know how it’s made, right?
These wooden car bodies are made from pine certified by organisations like FSC or PEFC as being from a responsibly managed source. They are painted with a special mix of natural waxes and oils designed for wooden toys. This gives a hardwearing finish that is brightly coloured – but still allows the natural wood grain to show through. Wheels are coated in a clear version of the same finish.

All our materials are carefully selected based on application, environment-friendliness and sustainability. That means you get great quality, value for money toys that don’t cost the earth. Find out more about the materials we use here.


Your cars will be shipped in a cardboard box, wrapped in protective packing, all made from recycled materials. But it’s not just any box …

follow these instructions to download and print graphics that can turn your box into a busy garage, great for storing your Vrooms as well as the perfect place for servicing and getting parts and accessories!

Usage Notes

Young children should be supervised when using any toy.

This car is tested to be CE certified safe from 0 months upwards.

As with any hand made wooden toy car, variations in materials and finish is inevitable – initially, and over time. All toys should be periodically checked for damage and repaired or removed as appropriate. Even when damaged, wooden toys can often be kept in service with a little home repair.

The Vroom Family

The Vroom Car is available in 4 bright modern colours, and 4 traditional colours; as are its garage-mates the Vroom Bus, Pickup, and Lorry.

Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 9.3 × 4.2 × 5.4 cm

2 reviews for Wooden Toy Car in Bright Green

  1. Cambria

    These cars are adorable! We love them! Seller was very helpful and speedy to resolve a small issue we had.

  2. Angela

    Beautiful wooden cars. They are small but so well made and cute.

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