Wooden Toy Fork Lift Truck – Limited Edition

Wooden fork lift toy with 3 position lift.

Special production of only a few units, so only a few available.

Please Note: All the pre-built fork lifts are now sold. I have parts ready to make a couple more but it is unlikely I will be able to build them before Xmas 2020.
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This fork lift truck started as a commission request from a lovely local family because their little boy Harry really wanted a fork lift truck for his birthday (kids eh?).

They asked if I could make one, and while I don’t normally do commissions (I don’t have enough faith in my abilities!) I had already been thinking about adding some construction variants to the Block Truck range so I agreed to see if I could make something that would fit in there.

This is the result. Harry adores his apparently, and in addition to my testing for CE safety purposes, his has now had a few weeks of play testing too.

I’m very happy with it too, but it ended up being much more complex than my other toys and I suspect I won’t be able to find a way to make them economically. But … I made and painted 2 extras alongside Harry’s, and I have parts to make 2 more. This website is the only place they will be available, and they’re probably the only ones I will make.

The fork lift has 3 positions:

  1. resting on the ground
  2. just off the ground for moving around
  3. raised high

The steering wheel pulls in and out to lock the lift into positions 2 and 3; into a hole in the lift back for position 2, and under the lift for position 3.
Please note: Real fork lifts have a massive weight over the back wheels to stop them tipping forward. Without the benefit of that, the toy version has limited wight bearing capacity!

Bodies are all FSC certified pine, wheels are maple or birch. Finish is a natural wax/oil mix that is tough and bright. Only available in yellow/black.

Dimensions: 14cm long x 7.5cm wide, 12-16cm high.

Unlike my simpler toys, the fork lift truck is only suitable for children over 3.



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