Block Truck – Cargo Lorry – Mixed Colours

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These wooden toy trucks are a great traditional toy in modern bright (and safe!) colours.

They look like they are made from building blocks, though in fact each piece is carefully hand made and constructed to create a really tough toy lorry. We mix and match the colours of cab/chassis, wheels and the loads they carry, to create hard wearing toys that are a riot of colour.

Little hands will love trundling these trucks around. The cargo lorry version comes with 2 removable blocks that make up a great load, but with them removed you can carry anything you like as cargo. Lots of different play options and hours of fun transporting cars, building materials, animals etc around.

All natural materials, handcrafted, and certified safe with the CE mark.


Chunky wooden lorries that are easy to handle for small hands. The cargo lorry version comes with 2 loose blocks as a load, but they’re great for all kinds of imaginative play, carrying construction materials, other cars, dolls, or anything that needs transported around the house or garden.

The trucks look like they are made from building blocks, but each component is hand made and built into the finished lorries. Choose from this block truck version with 2 removable blocks as its load, or flatbed truck with a handy load-carrying platform.

Every truck will have a mix of 3 different bright colours (from blue, green, red and yellow) at random, so the main cab and chassis, the wheels, and the load, will all be different colours. If you buy more than one truck, we’ll try to give you as wide a variety of colours as possible.


A great size for running around improvised building sites and toy towns.
13cm long x 7.5cm high, 7.5cm wide, with 32mm diameter wheels.


We make every single one of our toy cars by hand – in Scotland, in our workshop in the shade of the eponymous tree house – and take great care in the design and building of each of them. You can find out more about our design and build processes here.


Truck bodies are made from pine that is recognised as being from responsibly managed sources by bodies such as FSC and PEFC. This helps keep them light for small hands. Wheels tend to be maple or birch – hardwoods that are harder wearing and faster rolling.

The finish we are very proud of as it gives fantastic bright colours that everyone loves, while allowing the natural wood grain to show through. It’s a special mix of wood oils and waxes, CE safe, and provides a tough, water resistant finish.


Your trucks will be shipped in a cardboard box, wrapped in protective packing, all made from recycled materials. But it’s not just any box …

follow these instructions to download and print graphics that can turn your box into a busy garage, great for storing your toy cars as well as the perfect place for servicing and getting parts and accessories!

Usage Notes

Young children should be supervised when using any toy.

This car is tested to be CE certified safe from 0 months upwards.

As a hand made wooden toy, variations in materials and finish is inevitable – initially, and over time. All toys should be periodically checked for damage and repaired or removed as appropriate. Even when damaged, wooden toys can often be kept in service with a little home repair.

Additional information

Weight .125 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7.5 × 7.5 cm

2 reviews for Block Truck – Cargo Lorry – Mixed Colours

  1. Janet

    My Great Nephew loves his new toy. I live in the USA and it was very convenient to have this gift sent to him in England. I much prefer to send a locally made gift than a big box store item.

  2. Amanda

    The truck with 2 blocks I ordered for my 6 month old grandson was beautifully made, lovely to touch and very colourful. I was delighted with it. The service was also very prompt and friendly. Thank you.

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