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Vrooms on Amazon and Etsy

We plan to sell directly from the website here soon,  but to get the toys out there to a wider audience while we develop this site and sort out online payments etc, we’re linking up with popular marketplaces Amazon Handmade and Etsy.

The first 4 PlayPal Vroom toys – bus, car, lorry, and pickup truck – are now available on both those sites. Each in 4 colours – blue, green, yellow, and red. In both cases they will process your order and payment, and we ship the toys to you. Prices and delivery are the same on both Amazon and Etsy so it’s entirely up to you which you choose.

They’re both a bit limited in how much info we can provide in their product pages, so this site still has the most detailed and background info – and the links on each product now point to the relevant Amazon product page. These links will take you direct to our storefront on each marketplace:

Tree House Toys on Amazon Handmade

Tree House Toys on Etsy



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